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School Management Software

Schools in the United States once employed a device called the abacus. This was a sliding scale, and its primary purpose was to teach arithmetic skills to preschool and elementary-school students. It was accurate, reliable, and easy to understand and use…but the abacus isn’t a common tool anymore, and there are students finishing their K-12 education having never seen one before.

The abacus has been supplanted by the pocket calculator, the desktop, the laptop, and the smartphone. This is one of the effects that progress has: we invent more and more powerful and capable means of achieving our goals, but those inventions also mean we need to play an endless game of catch-up. The advent of software solutions for schools and school districts is part of this pursuit. Schools offer (or plan to offer) an ever-expanding array of goods and services to their students and parents; processing, handling, and providing those goods and services require more and more sophisticated solutions. This is where software as a school solution comes in. We are now able to track enrollment and academic progress with databases and easy-to-use school management software interfaces; we can collect funds for spirit wear and donations through online storefronts and point-of-sale applications; we can monitor and update crucial student and parent information with a few keystrokes and make that information available to anyone who needs to see it.

All of this rests upon the reality that a comprehensive learning experience isn’t based off of pencil and paper alone anymore; the ability to learn and practice any subject to a person’s fullest potential depends now on their ability to access as many tools as possible. The same is true for the district’s experience; the optimal methods for structuring and operating a school district’s administrative structure and business model demand exploitation of every available asset. Software solutions provide a particularly valuable asset.

DBS is invested in bridging a school’s existing need with their future needs, and arriving at a solution that addresses both with school management software. This will involve utilizing those tools of the past that still provide the power and flexibility that today’s students require, while putting outdated tools to rest and creating new ones where there’s the right opportunity.